Be Happy Today, Stop Waiting For “Someday”

How often do you find yourself thinking, "Someday, I'm going to be happy"? How often do you find yourself saying those words to your friends and family? I hear those words from people on almost a daily basis. People are frustrated with certain things in their life and they think that they just need to …

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What I’m Learning

With the new year quickly approaching, I have started a process that has become a tradition for me as I've grown older. Every year, I spend the last few days of the year looking back over the past year and reflecting upon everything that has happened. Usually, this process brings back memories of specific events …

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Be A Trier

Comfort zones. Several questions have come up lately about what holds people back in life, what prevents people from growing, and what causes people to have so many regrets in life, among many other questions. Without hesitation, my answer to all of those questions was "comfort zones". Take a look back at your life over …

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