Spread The Love

Another Valentine’s Day is here. This is a day that has taken on a new meaning for me in recent years. It’s amazing how a different mindset can completely change your opinion of a certain day. In the past, I thought of Valentine’s Day as a day for couples. Being single, it was frustrating and wasn’t a day that I really looked forward to or treated differently than any other day of the year. As I have grown older and grown as a person, I have changed that mentality completely. I now think of Valentine’s Day as a day for love, regardless of whether or not you are in any kind of relationship with someone.

Although we shouldn’t need a special day to remind us to do so, I hope everyone who reads this takes the time today to tell the people who mean the most to you that you love them. Use today as your opportunity to begin a new habit of telling them as often as possible.

To me, love is the most powerful and special word in the world. It’s not something I say often. It is a word that I reserve for only the most important people in my life. I learned the hard way years ago that life is too short to miss opportunities to tell people exactly how you feel about them. My biggest fear in life is being taken from this world without the people who mean the most to me knowing how I feel about them. I just don’t want anyone to ever have to wonder. I am very careful about who I allow to become a significant part of my life, but when I do let them into my life, I don’t ever want them to have to doubt or question how much they mean to me.

Love is a word that most people associate with romantic relationships. Those romantic relationships are just one way in which you can love someone. Really, love is a strong connection that you make with someone who is special to you and important in your life, including your family or a close friend.

My family has never been the kind of family that says “I love you”, or that hugs or kisses. It’s just not the way we are, or ever have been. I do love my family, but those words are very rarely spoken between us. Because of that, until I was older, I never told my closest friends that I love them either. This is something I have learned to do in recent years, and, once again, it was something I learned I needed to do because of a major loss that I suffered in my life.

After suffering that loss, I promised myself I would never miss another chance to tell the people who mean the most to me how much I love them and how much I care. I’m still learning to do this. I have a lot of friends, but only a few of them are people I consider to be especially close to me. Honestly, there is only one person in the entire world that I try to say “I love you” to every single day. Considering we didn’t even know each other a year ago at this time, that is a special friendship. It’s a rare and truly incredible feeling. Friendships like that may only come along once or twice in a lifetime.

I’m a big believer in fate, and I believe that everything happens for a reason. If you are lucky enough to find a friend like that in your life, cherish every second of the time you get to spend in each other’s company. Life isn’t perfect, but you can remind yourself that any chance you get to spend time with that person is a time that you can feel safe and happy and relaxed. You can help each other in times of need, or you can provide a much needed distraction and just be happy in that current moment. Let your troubles melt away and just enjoy that quality time with an amazing friend. If you have that friend in your life, keep them close to your heart at all times, and never let go.

Everyone has their own way of expressing how they feel about the people who mean the most to them in their lives. For me, the way I am able to express myself best is through words. I’ve never been much good at buying gifts or planning special events or surprises. I am fully comfortable and confident in expressing my thoughts and feelings through words. When I try to put those words into action, it sometimes turns out awkwardly. I think the people who mean the most to me understand that I mean well though and that my intentions are good.

Communication is key in all aspects of life. Being open and honest and being able to effectively communicate with someone else about how you feel about them will eliminate any need for guessing or wondering how the other person feels.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I encourage all of you to reach out to someone close to you and let them know, in whatever way works best for you, just how much they mean to you and how special they are. In a way, I guess this post is my way of doing this for the special people in my life, and one amazing friend in particular.

I have a select few friends in my life for whom I would do absolutely anything. Since I moved away from all of my family and childhood friends, I don’t get to see or keep in touch with those people as much as I would like. When I decided to move, I knew what I was getting into. I moved to a place where I knew no one, and was completely starting over by myself. I spent over 2 1/2 years by myself with no social life at all. That changed unexpectedly about 11 months ago when fate brought an absolutely amazing friend into my life, after a series of events that seemed random at the time. Looking back now, I know all of those things happened for a reason. My life is forever changed because of that night. Somebody I didn’t know a year ago at this time has become the person who has given me something to look forward to every morning when I wake up. The kind of friendship I had been missing since I moved away from my hometown suddenly came back into my life. A huge void in my life was suddenly filled. I now have someone in my life who supports and encourages me 100% in everything I do who doesn’t live over 1,000 miles away. As great as it is knowing that you have such a great friend in your life somewhere in this world, nothing beats having that friend nearby and being able to see each other nearly every day. I can’t imagine a single day going by in which we don’t speak to each other. I don’t want to imagine a day without that interaction and friendship in my life. Having such a strong friendship with someone you get to spend time with regularly, rather than just calling or texting each other from a distance, is something that can’t be beat. As much as I like to express myself through words, and as much as the words of others mean to me, sometimes you just need a warm hug from someone you love. It just makes all of the negativity that life can bring completely melt away in an instant. Just being in the presence of such a remarkable friend can turn a bad day around instantly.

Life changes for the better when you finally realize that the things you do, the decisions you make, and the positive changes you are making in your life are a direct result of realizing there is someone in your life who is more important to you than yourself. Once you learn to love yourself, you are able to truly love others. You learn that you do the things you do in your life for someone else. As a result of you striving to be the best friend and, overall, best person you can possibly be for them, you become the best version of yourself that you can be. They may not realize it, but they bring out the best in you just by being themselves and being in your life. When you have things in your own life that you are dealing with, yet you put someone else first to help them in their time of need, that is love.

Be the best version of yourself that you can possibly be. Put someone you love ahead of yourself. Be everything for them that they are for you. Be there for them however and whenever you can. Most importantly, never miss a chance to tell them that you love them. Life can change in an instant, so truly cherish the people you love. We all do those things in different ways. This is my way of doing that. I just wrote a Valentine’s Day blog post for the greatest, most supportive friend I could ever imagine being blessed to have in my life. I don’t know how I was so fortunate to find a friend who fits into my life so perfectly, but I am forever grateful for our friendship. My friend is the #1 supporter of my blog and will read this. I just wanted to say thank you for being you, and I love you.

If you have someone in your life who means the world to you, let them know. It’s a great feeling. Spread the love. There could never be enough love in this world.


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