Be The Person That You Need In Your Own Life

We all have those moments in life where we really need to lean on somebody else for support, encouragement, motivation, inspiration, etc. The right words coming from the right person at a time when they’re needed the most can make a world of difference in how you deal with a situation. But, as much as we need other people sometimes, don’t forget that someone very likely needs you every bit as much as you need them. You may not even realize it, but just being who you are can have a major impact on somebody else.

Take a moment to think about the last time in your life that you really needed someone to be there for you. Now, think about what it was specifically that you wanted from that person in that moment, and why you were counting on them to help you in that situation. What did they do to help you? How did it make you feel knowing they were there for you and cared enough to help? It’s an amazing feeling knowing that someone cares enough to be there for you in your time of need. But, what’s even better is knowing that you are able to do the same for someone else in their time of need.

Now, I invite you to take a moment to think about how you would have reacted if the roles were reversed and you were the person that someone else was counting on for help. How would you have helped them? How would you have reacted? Would you have helped them as much as they helped you?

We can’t always rely on another person to save us in every situation. There are a lot of times in life when we need to figure out for ourselves how to get through things and what is best for ourselves. In times like this, the best way you can help yourself is to put yourself in the position of that other person. Think about how you would want them to help you, and then use that mentality to help yourself. Not only will that mentality allow you to help yourself, but it will also help you to help others more fully the next time they come to you for help.

Those of you who read my last post, “Inspire And Be Inspired”, will remember that I discussed how inspiring others to do great things will help you to realize that you have within you the ability to inspire yourself. You also have the ability within you to be the person that you are counting on to help you through a difficult situation. Every day, work toward becoming the person you want to lean on for support and encouragement. Become the person that pushes you to do better. Become the person who sees nothing but the best in every situation. Become the person who loves you and accepts you for who you are. Become the most positive person you know. Become the person who sees a challenge ahead and perseveres, not the person who gives up because it’s “too hard”.

Those of you who read my last post will also remember that I discussed teaching golf, despite relying on a wheelchair for mobility. Every single day at work, people come up to me and tell me about the challenges they are facing in their lives, and they tell me that I inspire them to keep trying to play golf, as difficult as it may be for some of them. I hate crying in front of other people, but, on Monday at work, an elderly man walked up to me and told me that he is recovering from a hip replacement surgery, 2 major knee surgeries, and is also battling a lung disease. He told me that he hasn’t played golf in 12 years, but, after watching me hit a few shots and talk about how I have overcome my own challenges, he has decided to start playing again. I immediately broke down and cried like a baby while talking to this sweet man. I always tell people, “If I can do it, then you can, too”. In that moment, my takeaway was, “If I can inspire him to do this, then I can inspire myself and push myself to my own limits, as well”.

On a daily basis, I hear people talk about how I have inspired them to do something they didn’t know was possible for them. Yet, I find myself looking to other people to provide the same inspiration in my life. As incredible as it is to know that someone is always there for you when you need them, learn to be that person for yourself. The things you do in life should never be completely about yourself. If you are living life for the right reasons, then you should be living it for someone other than yourself. You will learn to fully enjoy the greatest things life has to offer when you realize that there is someone more important than yourself that you are living for, and they are your true inspiration. When you learn to live your life for someone other than yourself, you will begin to fully understand how to be that person for someone else. Become the person that others can turn to in a time of need. The best way you can help the people you love is to be the person that you need in your own life.


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