Be That Person

We all know how crazy life can be sometimes. Every day, this world seems to become more and more fast-paced. At times, it feels like we’re living in fast forward. It’s easy to get caught up in everything we have going on in our lives and begin to focus less of our attention on the people and the things around us.

It’s important to take some time out of the craziness that is life whenever possible to look at what is happening around us. If you’re having a bad day, I guarantee someone close to you is, too. If you’re stressed out, once again, you’re not alone. If you’re frustrated, again, you’re not alone in that frustration.

Likewise, if you’re having a great day, someone around you is having a great day, as well. If you’re happy and excited, someone else is just as happy and excited about something as you are.

I think nearly everyone can relate to the great feeling of knowing that there is someone they can turn to, whether they are having a good day or a bad day. Most of us are excited to share our happiness with others when life is going well. It’s also very comforting to know that we have someone we can count on to be there for us and be supportive when things aren’t going well.

I’m a big believer in being the person for someone else that I would want them to be for me in return. You can never expect someone to just completely put their whole life on hold just so you can share something with them, whether it’s good or bad, but it sure would be nice sometimes, wouldn’t it? I know that when I share something with someone, I really appreciate when they care about whatever it is I’m sharing with them. They may not care about it as much as I do, but it’s nice when they show that they at least care enough to give me their attention.

If there is one major flaw (if you want to call it that) that I have, it is that I tend to care too much. As much as I believe in being responsible for your own happiness, I absolutely do tend to let the moods of the people I care about most impact my own mood. When someone I love is sad or upset, I try to understand how they feel as much as I can, and I try to find a way to make them feel better. When they’re happy or excited, I share their happiness and level of excitement.

Having the feeling that someone understands me and the things I’m experiencing, or that they at least care enough to try to understand it, is very comforting. In return, I try my best to understand what the people who mean the most to me are feeling or experiencing.

There is no better feeling in the world than being sincerely loved by someone and sharing that love for them in return. Love is a word that is very misunderstood. A lot of people see or hear that word and they automatically think of a husband/wife or boyfriend/girlfriend. You can genuinely, sincerely love anyone in this world. Yes, it can be a significant other, but it can also be your family, your best friend or other close friends, etc. Love is a word that is very over-used in this world, and it oftentimes feels like it has lost a lot of the power it once had.

To me personally, love is still the most powerful word in the world, and I don’t use it lightly in my everyday life. As I sit here writing this, I can think of only one person in the world that I try to say “I love you” to at least once every single day, and that person is someone who truly has changed my life for the better every single day. Once again, not a significant other, but a really amazing friend with a truly great heart. I don’t know if she fully understands how big of an impact she has on my life, but I try my best every day to be the friend to her that she has become to me.

If you’re lucky, you will find someone in your life who inspires you every day to become a better version of yourself and never stop trying as hard as possible to constantly improve. That person will encourage you. They will be your biggest cheerleader. They will support you and comfort you when things aren’t going well. They will celebrate with you and share your happiness during the great times you experience. They will help you to bust out of your comfort zone and try things. They will push you beyond what you perceived to be your limits so you can accomplish things you never thought you had within you. They will be there for you when you need them. They will simply take the time to ask how your day is going and what you’re doing… the little things really do matter.

When you find that person, whether they’re a significant other, a best friend, or whomever they may be, tell them every chance you get how special they are. Make them a top priority in your life. Make sure they remain in your life forever. And, maybe most importantly, as great of a person as they are for you, be that person for them in return. Chances are they need that person in their life, too. My greatest fear in life is being taken from this world not knowing if the people who mean the most to me know how I feel about them. I would rather be known as someone who cares too much than someone who doesn’t care enough. I can’t imagine living my life any other way. I’m proud to be that person.


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