Life Is Happening, Be Patient

Life is a marathon, not a sprint. This is something that I think we all tend to forget a lot of times. Nowadays especially, we want things to happen quickly. We now live in a world where basically everything we want or need is at our fingertips and is accessible within seconds. It’s easy to think that that’s how the whole world should work, but we need to remember that life is a process.

My life is insanely busy right now. I have been trying to find the time to write this for well over a month. I have finally decided to take a break from work tomorrow and unwind tonight and tomorrow. This rare day off has allowed me the time to finally get back to sharing my thoughts with the world, which I haven’t had time to do very often this summer. My extremely busy, yet mostly unsuccessful summer has led to this post. I am writing this as a reminder to myself, but it also could benefit a bunch of people I know. Hopefully this helps you, too, wherever you may be in this world.

Since focusing on what is happening in our lives right now has become so easy in this “I want it now” world we live in, I think we all tend to forget about how things will turn out weeks, months, or years from now. If you aren’t happy in this moment, you may want to make a change in your life. But, what if you stick with your current path in life and everything you’ve always dreamed of is waiting for you a month from now? What if you just need to give your current path a little more time?

At the beginning of this year, I decided that the theme of this year in my life was, “The Year of Great Potential”. I still believe in that 100%. I decided that I would be happy this year, no matter what happened in my life. I made the choice to smile and be happy every single day. I haven’t gone away from that.

This summer has been a seemingly endless streak of things that are out of my control keeping me from the success I had hoped to enjoy. If something in your life happens that is out of your control, it’s extremely frustrating, but all you really can do is wait. It’s out of your control. Making a change in your life won’t make it better. People tend to forget that. Sometimes life happens, and you just have to wait for things to turn around. You can’t force the world to change for you, so getting frustrated in the moment won’t make things better for you. Everything in life seems to find a way to even out. The good times, as well as the bad, won’t last forever. It’s all temporary. Life is temporary. Go after what you want. Chase your dreams and do what you really want in life. Just because you aren’t arriving at your desired destination quickly enough doesn’t mean that you should abandon the journey.

Every journey is filled with valuable lessons. Pay close attention to the lessons that life is trying to teach you along the way. Giving up due to a temporary setback or frustration will just make things worse. I had high hopes for this summer. I hoped my biggest problems I am facing in life would be worked out this summer. That hasn’t happened. You know what did happen though? I learned countless lessons that I will never forget as long as I live. I learned things that no school could ever teach. I learned things that will help me grow as a person moving forward in my life. I didn’t give up, and I won’t give up. I learned. I grew. I’m still learning. I’m still growing. I am improving myself every single day.

Life is a series of failures occasionally interrupted by success. Don’t let your failures in life get you down. If you stop and think about it, they really aren’t failures after all. They’re just learning opportunities. As long as you continue to learn and don’t repeat the things that didn’t work in the past, then you are still growing and improving. Don’t ever stop. Use every day of your life as an opportunity to make your life better. You may not be where you want to be in life, but you are getting there. Be patient. Don’t expect things to happen overnight. Persevere. Overcome. Grow. Improve. Your dreams may not come true when you want them to, but they will come true when they’re supposed to come true. Life can be frustrating, but don’t let it get you down. Things will fall into place if you stay focused on the ultimate dream and keep yourself focused on what you want. Life is happening, be patient.


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