Remember The Importance Of The Little Things

Happy April, everybody!! It’s crazy to think that three months of this year have already passed by. We have a long ways to go in April, but my month is off to a pretty great start, thanks to an unexpected surprise.

When I showed up for work today, there was an envelope waiting for me with my name on it. That had never happened before, so I was completely caught off guard. Inside the envelope was a hand written thank you note from somebody whose name I had never seen before. I was confused for a few minutes.

Eventually, I realized the note was from a lady I helped a couple of weeks ago. During her golf lesson with another instructor, she asked if I would be willing to take some pictures and record a few short swing videos with her phone during her lesson, which I was happy to do for her. The staff at our golf academy is a team, so I just felt that helping out was part of my job. When you live and work in one of the busiest tourist destinations in the world, customer service is a top priority. If you don’t provide a high quality level of service, people will go elsewhere. She thanked me before she left that day for helping, and I honestly completely forgot that I had any involvement in that lesson until I read her note today. I didn’t expect to receive any kind of recognition in any way for anything. Once again, I felt I was just doing my job.

I have noticed throughout the day today that I have repeatedly thought about that note. First of all, nowadays, anything hand written is rare. I always really enjoy receiving anything hand written. It just feels more personal and more meaningful, in my opinion. That short note really made my whole day. It reminded me that such a simple gesture that I was happy to do for someone left a lasting impression on somebody else. Likewise, that short thank you note really means a lot to me. It’s hard to beat the feeling of being truly appreciated. That is something I will absolutely remember from this point forward, and I hope reading this is a reminder to all of you that something that seems so small or so simple can really make a big difference. We can all do our part to have some kind of positive impact on the world. Even the smallest gesture is much better than doing nothing at all.

I hope you all had a great day!! 😀


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