Do What You “Should” Do

The past couple of months have been crazy busy for me, so I apologize for the lengthy delay between posts. But, I’m back!! My life isn’t getting any less busy. In fact, I am getting busier by the day. But I will do my best to keep writing as often as I can.

Since the last post I wrote, I have met a lot of people and have noticed some common themes in my conversations with them. One of these common themes has been hearing them say, “I really should ________.”

So many people say: “I should”, “I wish”, “I want to”, etc. They talk about the things they want, but often times they proceed to talk themselves out of doing whatever it is they want to do.

Over the past couple of years, I have become a much more decisive person than I was in the past. In many cases, I know what I want and know how make things happen. I tend to get frustrated when people keep changing their mind about the things they seem to really want to do.

If you want something badly, then go for it. There have been many times in the past that I have wanted something, but was too scared to take a chance and go for it. Those situations have always left me wondering what could have happened if I had taken a chance. The only real regrets I have are things I have talked myself out of trying to do.

If you try something and it doesn’t work out as planned, then at least you know that you tried. You don’t have to wonder what might have been. If you keep talking yourself out of the things you want, then you will spend the rest of your life wondering if they would have been as great as you had hoped.

Stop waiting. Stop wishing. Stop being afraid to go after whatever it is that you want. The biggest challenge you will have to overcome in most cases will be your own fears and lack of commitment. Failure isn’t as bad as people tend to think. If you try something and fail, then at least you can learn from the situation and move on. Keep moving forward, always. Give yourself a chance to live the life you want to live. Do what you “should” do!!


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