See Yourself The Way Others See You

Quite frequently, I read or hear comments from people about how unimpressive they are, or how boring they are. Nearly every time, I ask myself, “How could they think that way about themselves?” A lot of times, these are people that I happen to think are really incredible people, for various reasons. I just don’t understand how they don’t see in themselves what I (as well as many other people) see in them. It just doesn’t make sense to me. And then I realize that I do the exact same thing.

The more I think about this topic, the more I realize how often I contradict myself. I am always very proud of the times in my life when somebody tells me I can’t do something, and I prove them wrong. I am very aware that people notice me and pay attention to the things I do. I stand out, and I know that I do. Yet, I am the kind of person who always thinks that nobody ever thinks about me unless we are currently spending time together or talking to each other. I tend to think that the things I do in my life go completely unnoticed, even though I have been told by countless people that they pay attention and keep up with everything I do.

The older I get, the more I am starting to realize the importance of just being myself. Hopefully others are realizing the importance of being themselves, too. Throughout my life, I have had literally hundreds of people randomly walk up to me and thank me for being me. They have told me that I just give off positive vibes and they can sense it when they’re around me. Hearing things like that always makes me smile, yet it leaves me completely confused. I am who I am and do what I do. I don’t try to draw attention to myself in any way. I’ve noticed that being in the presence of the people I’ve looked up to the most in my life has just had a different feel to it. I can feel that I am in the presence of a truly great person. I suppose the people who have made those comments to me notice something similar in me when they’re around me, but I have honestly never considered myself to be special or great in any way. I’m just me. Perhaps the people I look up to would say the exact same thing about themselves. After all, we are all just human beings, not superheroes.

It’s easier to see things from the outside looking in than to see it in yourself, but I think we would all benefit from trying to look at ourselves from a different perspective. Instead of blowing off really flattering comments from others, pay attention to what they are saying to you. If you hear it repeatedly, it’s not just a random compliment and it’s not a coincidence. Don’t let it go to your head and start thinking you’re greater than you actually are, but don’t be afraid to accept the fact that you have the ability to change people’s lives for the better. You have greatness within you. I truly believe that we ALL have greatness within us. We just need to find it and let it shine.

This past week, I attended the PGA Merchandise Show here in Orlando. Several thousand people were at this event every day. On the second day, a complete stranger came up to me and said, of all the people around us, I stood out and she had a feeling that she needed to meet me. I smiled and said “hello” and introduced myself. She started crying and hugged me. She said, “You love life, don’t you? I bet your life has been pretty great so far.” I said, “I really can’t complain. Life is good.” Within 10 seconds of meeting, she said she will never forget my positivity and my natural happiness. I was sitting silently by myself watching golf on TV when she approached me. I smiled as a reaction to a great shot I saw on TV. The lady’s first impression of me was that I was smiling the first time she ever saw me.

You don’t need to go out of your way to get noticed. Be yourself, and people will notice you without you realizing it. You are special to someone else, whether you think you’re special or not. You have something to offer that is unique and really great. If you don’t already know what that “something” is, pay attention to the things people say to you. Pay attention to the compliments you receive. Pay attention to the way people act around you. Certain things will start to stand out.

I am somebody who is able to lead by example. As I said, I think of myself as being “just me”, but others see me as someone who is happy and positive 100% of the time and somebody who can always find ways to overcome the things I face in life. I have fears and doubts just like everyone else, but, if I saw myself the way many others see me, my confidence level would be sky high. Do yourself a favor and look at yourself the way others look at you. You have the ability to change lives for the better. Why not use that ability to improve your own life, too? Embrace the person within you that others look up to, and realize that you really are somebody special.


3 thoughts on “See Yourself The Way Others See You

    1. Thank you!! You’re absolutely right. It’s really easy to expect too much from ourselves and to be too hard on ourselves, at times. Over-thinking things and being overly critical of ourselves never leads to anything good. It’s just unnecessary stress.

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