Making A Difference

I hear people say all the time, “I wish I could make a difference in the world” or “I want to make a difference in the world”. I say this often, too. People want to have a lasting impact on the world. That is great to hear. It’s awesome to know that so many people want to do good things in this world. There can never be too many or enough good people doing good things. But the real difference is made when people stop wishing and wanting, and they start doing. It’s great that people want to make a difference. It’s great that people wish they could make a difference. Well, what most people fail to realize is that you CAN make a difference. You just have to do it. Do good deeds. Treat others well. Help people in need when you are able to do so. Be nice to people. Be polite.

We all hear about people who are labeled as “heroes”. If you want to be considered a hero, then you can be. So many people think of certain job titles when they think of heroes. The truth is, it doesn’t matter who you are or what you do for a living. Your actions and your character are what determine whether or not you’re a hero. There are people who risk their lives every single day to protect others from danger, and they do it simply because it’s their job. They took that job because they want to help people. Those people are heroes. But, there are also people who go out of their way to help others in need simply because they want to help in some way. Those people aren’t getting paid to do what they do. They do it just because they are good people. Those people are heroes, as well. There are many different types of heroes and difference makers in this world, and they all help to make our world a better place.

If you want to make a difference in this world, you can. You don’t necessarily have to jump in front of a bullet for somebody or carry them out of a burning building. Smiling at a random stranger, saying hello, and asking how their day is going could brighten their entire day. You never know what the people around you are dealing with in their life. You never know how badly they may need a simple nice gesture to put a smile on their face or to revive their faith in humanity.

I am a very fortunate person. I tend to meet a lot of great people. I’ve had my fair share of bad experiences, too, but I often times cross paths with really great people. We all rely on others in some ways to make it through life. Next time you need to rely on someone else to help you in any way, just remember that somebody in this world is relying on you just as much.

I make a point of going out of my way to do nice things for people as often as possible. Whether it’s something minor or something significant, I enjoy helping people. It’s just the kind of person I am. The happiness of others brings me joy. I don’t ask for any kind of reward or recognition. I usually don’t tell anyone else when I’ve done something for someone. The smile on that person’s face and knowing I made a difference is reward enough for me. I believe in karma. I believe that, if you are a good person, good things will eventually come back to you. My life is far from perfect, and I really hope certain things fall into place for me soon, but nights like tonight remind me that the things I’ve been wishing for will eventually come my way if I keep going.

Earlier tonight the battery in my car died in the parking lot of a grocery store. I had no way of charging the battery or jumping it by myself, so I had to just hope that somebody would be generous enough to stop and help me out. Immediately when I opened the hood of my car, a nice lady stopped and asked if I needed help. The battery in her car was in a place that was hard to get to, so she was unable to help me jump start my car, but she got the attention of somebody else who was walking by. This person happened to be an off-duty sheriff’s deputy. He was willing to help, and we got my car started quickly. Both of these people could have easily just passed by and not paid any attention to me, but they we were very willing to help. Both people refused to accept any kind of compensation for their time and help, and they both refused to even tell me their names so I could thank them by name. They were both just really nice people who wanted to help someone in need. When my car started, the deputy said, “Don’t thank me. If I can’t help others, then what good am I? Of course I would help someone who needs me.” The world needs more people like that. Anyone who would selflessly take the time to help someone in need is a hero.

The actions of these people who stopped to help me are things anyone could do. It doesn’t take much effort to hook up jumper cables to the battery of a car, but the fact that they took the time to help me when they didn’t need to is what made them both heroes in this situation. If nobody had stopped to help me, my car would still be sitting in that parking lot, and I would probably still be sitting in the car. You don’t need to donate large amounts of money, you don’t need to risk your life, and you don’t need to do anything life-changing. Smile at people as you pass by them. Say hello. Ask how their day is going. If you see someone in need, ask if you can help them. Something that takes a few seconds or minutes could make someone’s day better. You may not always be able to help in every situation, but help whenever you can. You may start a chain reaction of kindness that impacts the lives of several people. Whether that happens or not, you will know that you at least helped one person. Leave the world better than you found it. Make every situation better than it would have been if you had not been involved. And really, just be a good person. The good you do for others will find its way back to you eventually. Just believe and do for others what you would wish others would do for you. That’s how simple it is to make a difference in the world.


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