Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

I’ve never really kept it a secret that I’m not exactly the most adventurous person in the world. I’m getting better all the time, but I, like most people, like to stay in my little bubble… my comfort zone. I am pretty good at motivating and inspiring others to take chances and do things they may not normally do, but I am terrible at following my own advice. As I’ve said before, my life is a complicated combination of taking crazy chances and playing it excessively safe.

I tend to get talked into doing things I don’t like or don’t want to do, and I usually end up confirming what I expected… when the thought of something doesn’t interest me, then actually doing it isn’t much fun. I take away an attitude of, “I’m glad I tried it, but I will never do it again” from those situations. My gut feeling tends to be accurate.

Anyone who has read my previous posts (and those of you who know me) know that I live just a few minutes from Walt Disney World. I am proud to admit that living where I live has put me in a position to try a lot of things that I very likely wouldn’t have tried otherwise. However, 99% of the time, my gut feeling is right. Something that I don’t think I will enjoy ends up being something I don’t enjoy. I am deathly afraid of heights. My brother pretty much dragged me on Splash Mountain last year. I’m glad I can now say I’ve been on the ride, but I just didn’t like it. Dropping 40 feet, or whatever it is, absolutely scared the living sh*t out of me. Tonight, my brother basically dragged me on Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. Once again, I didn’t like it. People wait 2+ hours to experience this ride every day, and I didn’t like it. It wasn’t a bad ride, and wasn’t exactly scary, but it made my back hurt. Splash Mountain was a ride I hated because of the big drop, and also because I got soaking wet on a 45 degree night. Mine Train was just a ride that, for me, was not a good choice. I was born missing one of my vertebrae and I have a hole in my spinal cord. That ride was a bad choice. I can now say I did it, but I will never do it again.

Although these specific experiences I just mentioned weren’t something I will do again, at least now I can say I tried them and know what I think of them. So many people miss out on experiencing things in life just because they don’t want to take chances. As I said, I’m not the most adventurous person, so I can relate to those people. It does feel good to be able to say I’ve experienced things I never would have tried by myself though. With each new experience, I learn a little more about myself. What I seem to be learning more and more lately though is that my gut feeling is accurate. If nothing else, I am learning to trust myself more. I am more willing to take chances than I was in the past, but I still have a pretty good idea of what just isn’t for me.

As much as this post is about Disney World, it really does relate to all situations in life. People, in general, tend to not want to take chances. There is SO much in life that we miss out on when we don’t step out of our comfort zones. But, as you start to learn more about yourself, you will also learn to trust your gut feeling more often. When you learn more about yourself, you will learn to trust yourself more. I will never be the kind of person who will go on a bunch of crazy rollercoasters, but I am proud of the fact that I am at least willing to try new things and learn more about myself.

I would never suggest putting yourself into a situation that could cause harm in anyway, but I really do think people need to start taking more chances in life. At the end of your life, do you want to look back and say, “I survived”, or “I lived”? A line from a great Jimmy Buffett song goes, “I’d rather die while I’m living than live while I’m dead.” While certain things in life may not be for you, you won’t know if you don’t try. Within reason, try things. Experience life. Live while you’re alive!!

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