Living “The Good Old Days”

People talk all the time about “the good old days”. People like to think back to a time in their life when things seemed so much simpler and more enjoyable. They reflect on great memories and wish they could go back and re-live those times. I do it, and I’m sure those of you who are reading this do it, as well. Even if your current life is pretty much the way you have always hoped it would be someday, there are still times in the past that we wish we could go back and experience again. But, how often do we stop and realize that, 20-30 years from now when we look back, we will most likely refer to THIS time in our lives as “the good old days”?

We tend to get so caught up in looking back at the past and looking ahead to the future that I think, a lot of times, we fail to realize that we are currently creating memories that one day we will wish we could go back and experience again. The older we get, the more chaotic life seems to become. Think about that. Although I very sincerely hope that everyone (myself included) has their best days ahead of them still, we will all probably look back to the point in our lives we are living right now and wish certain things could once again be the way they are right now.

I do think we absolutely should enjoy looking back at the memories we’ve created in the past. Those memories led to our current life situations. I absolutely think we should look ahead to the future… plan, dream, prepare… it’s all important. But, don’t forget to spend as much time as possible enjoying your life the way it is right now. You may currently be content, or you may be wishing things were different. Either way, just as your past has brought you to your present, your present will lead you to your future. Enjoy your life as it is now. Your life will never be exactly like this again at any point for the rest of your life.

Strive for a better tomorrow. Continue to grow. Dream and make plans that will help you to make those dreams a reality. But, don’t overlook the importance of enjoying the present.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and I hope it maybe gave you a new appreciation for the life you get to live today. If you enjoyed this post, please like, comment, and follow me on this journey of Positively Rolling Through Life. If you know anyone else who would enjoy this post, as always, please feel free to share it. Thank you for reading!!


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