Do What You Love, and Be Genuinely Thankful For It

How many people settle for just doing whatever they need to do to get by in life? And, how many people actually put in the time and effort to discover their true passion and make it their every day life? Every day, I hear people say they are just going through life. They don’t know what they want. They have found something in which they have no interest that provides them with money to pay their bills, so they settle. They dread waking up to do something they don’t care about. But, they do it, because it allows them to keep living. Far too few people focus on the things in life that they truly love. It’s not crazy at all to turn your passion into your career. People just need to realize that it is possible, and they need to step out of their comfort zone to make it happen. Is it easy? No. Is it doable? Absolutely!

In my life, I have been very fortunate, because I have never had to do something I despised just to get by. I have always found ways to go through life doing the things I love. I am not wealthy. Believe me, I am far from it. But, I am happy. That is something not everyone can say. I’m sure everyone has heard the saying, “Money doesn’t bring you happiness.” While money does provide you with opportunities and does allow you the freedom to try things, it can also cause a lot of problems. I have never been in a situation where happiness has caused problems. I’m sure it happens, but it has never happened to me.

This past weekend, I was talking with some peers about how lucky we are to get to do what we do. We all are passionate about golf, and have decided to make it our career, in one way or another. How many of you who are reading this right now have woken up to your alarm clock ringing early in the morning, and have hated the thought of getting out of bed to go to work? Many of you likely have. During this conversation with my peers, I pointed out that I am a night owl, and always have been. I’ve never been a fan of mornings. When I made the decision to attend a golf school, and eventually begin a career in the golf industry, I knew two things: 1. I would be turning my favorite hobby into my career. 2. I would need to learn to wake up early. Several times over the past couple of years, my alarm has woken me up early in the morning, after not falling asleep until the middle of the night. Every time, I have reminded myself that I was either waking up to play golf, to learn about the golf industry, or to teach golf. When you are waking up extremely early and are exhausted, it is easy to lack motivation. But, when you are waking up to go do something you love, how can you honestly complain? If you complain, then you aren’t doing what you are meant to do in life. Not every day is perfect. Not every day goes as planned. But, when you do what you love, you really can’t complain. Take a moment and consider what else you could be doing with your life.

This past weekend, I ran myself to my breaking point, physically. I was so exhausted and so dehydrated that I ended up getting sick. Looking back at the weekend, the only things I can think of are how much fun I had, how many things were accomplished, and how many potentially positive things could come out of these past few days. Getting sick was just an annoying, minor distraction in the middle of a really fantastic weekend. The reason I got sick was because I was so focused on what I was doing in that moment that I forgot about the obvious… August in Florida is ridiculously hot! You need to drink an excessive amount of water every day. When you feel like you can’t drink any more water, you force yourself to drink more. It’s just necessary for your health.

When I think back to conversations I’ve had in the past with people who were unhappy with life and were just doing something to get by, I have to wonder if they will ever decide to make a change and start living a life that they love. We only get one chance to go through this journey of life. Why not do what you love, and enjoy it? The idea of settling has just never appealed to me. I always want the best that I can find for myself, in every situation. That probably explains why I am finally deciding on a career after all of these years. That probably explains why I’m 32 years old and have been single for most of my life. That probably explains a lot of things, to be honest. I just believe it will all be worth it in the end. I have no problem with holding off and waiting for quality. I am an incredibly patient person. As I have said in previous posts, I am a big believer that everything happens for a reason. You have to just keep living, focus on the things you love, and everything will eventually fall into place.

When I had this conversation with my peers this weekend, I couldn’t help but smile the whole time. I already knew that I was doing what I love, but I was happy to hear other people say the same thing. That made me realize that I am surrounded by people who share a similar mindset. Maybe I’m not totally crazy. Maybe we are some of the few who dare to be different and live life in a way that most others only dream of living. If you are someone who is just going through life getting by and wish you were happier, take some time to focus on yourself. Think about what you really enjoy in this world. I guarantee you can find a way to make money doing something you love. I guarantee you can find happiness in this world. The most important thing you can ever be in this world is happy.

Use today as your opportunity to begin a life of happiness. Why would you wait until tomorrow to be happy when you can be happy today? Take some time for yourself today and think about the things in life you love most. Make those things your top priorities. Focus on those things every day. Life isn’t always perfect, but it’s a lot better when you know that you are waking up every day to do what you love to do. Do what you love to do, and be genuinely thankful for it every day. Not every is quite as fortunate.

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