I Challenge You- Yes, YOU!!

Let’s be honest, there is WAY too much negativity and hate in this world. As beautiful and wonderful as this world can be, the opposite can be, and is, very much true far too often. However, that doesn’t have to be the case. We can all make a positive difference in this world. We can all do our part to make this world a better place. We must. I know that I’m not alone in believing that spreading peace, love, and positivity throughout the world is possible. It takes ALL of us stepping up and doing something for others for change to take place. You don’t have to spend money or much time or effort at all to have a positive impact on the world. Never underestimate the importance of the little things in life. Small, simple gestures can sometimes have the biggest impact.

This is something I have done personally for a long time now, and is something I have challenged family and friends to do in the past, but I am now going to challenge everyone around the world here on Positively Rolling Through Life. I challenge you (every person who reads this) to do something nice for somebody else this week. But, don’t let it stop this week. Take time at least once every week to do something nice for somebody. You can give money to someone in need, you can pay for somebody’s food, you can donate items to those without. But, you don’t need to spend money to have a positive impact. Walk up to a random stranger and say “hello”. Ask how their day is going. Tell them they have a nice smile. Compliment them in some way. However you choose to accept this challenge doesn’t matter. The goal is to put a smile on someone’s face and make their day a little better. You never know what the people around you are going through. Something as simple as saying “hello” to someone and asking how their day is going could make their day. Knowing that somebody in the world cared enough to ask them how they’re doing could leave a lasting impression on them.

The other part of this challenge is selflessness. We all hear stories in the news all the time about people doing good deeds. While many of those deeds are genuine, many of them are also done for attention and personal gain. I ask that you all go out and do something nice for somebody, but I also ask that you do it as selflessly as possible. Knowing that you had a positive impact on somebody and feeling good about yourself should be reward enough. Don’t ask for anything in return. Don’t expect to be praised or to receive any recognition. Whenever I try to do something nice for somebody, I try to find a way to do it quietly. I don’t want to draw a lot of attention to myself. I just hope that the other person appreciates the gesture enough to pass it along to others. Whether they do or not, I will likely never know.

The only way we can change the world is if we stop pointing fingers and passing the blame along to each other, and instead start to love each other. Hate won’t magically disappear. We have to kill it with love.

Positivity has to start somewhere. Let it start with you!! I hope you all accept this challenge. Go out and do something nice for somebody! Together, we can change the world!

Sailboat Sunset


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